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Supporting Our International Community

Bison Baskets

There is an immediate need for students coming this August from abroad into Oklahoma, who can only bring limited items for the school year in their luggage. In an effort to ease their transition and provide support, the OBU community seeks to welcome these students by offering them a Bison Basket.

This gift contains basic bedding, a few items to make dorm life easier, a Bible, and welcome card. Bibles in languages other than English can be very costly, but we want to provide them in the Bison Basket because it is important for everyone to be able to access God’s word in a language they best understand.

Bison Hosts

Bison Hosts is a program that provides individuals and families within our local community the opportunity to meet and host OBU International students, MKs, and American students whose families live abroad. An invitation into your home is an opportunity to cultivate a supportive relationship with these students during their time on Bison Hill.

Incoming and returning International and American students with families abroad, at times, need a place to go during breaks and holidays because they are unable to return home or travel for various reasons. Sometimes, these students just need an offer to get off campus for an evening, a day, or weekend.

Depending upon availability, Bison Host Families welcome students into their homes during brief times when campus is closed or during a longer weekend. Please know that offering even one day or weekend throughout the coming academic year is valued. The Bison Hosts program seeks to display and cultivate the hospitality of the OBU community.